Velu Naachiyar Award–2023 award is given the Self-Help Groups by Aatral Ashok Kumar.

This award comes as a great encouragement to all the SHGs’ for overall rural development.

The intention of this award is to celebrate the achievements and success of SHG group members. The award was given to more than 2000 members from 149 SHGs. Aatral Foundation has become a mentor for these groups.

Self Help Groups – 886

People Benefitted



No one has ever been conduted any events to promote Self Help Groups. Aatral Foundation’s founder Mr. Aatral Ashok Kumar conducted an exclusive event to motivate us. We are happy and thankful. And we wish him continue his service.



Thanks to Mr. Aatral Ashok Kumar for organizing this event for the development of rural women self-help groups. We are so delighted to participate in this event.