Awards & Appreciations


1. Mr. L. P. Salaimanikkam,
Panchayat Union Leader,

2. Student Teacher Association Leader Lakkapuram,Modakurichi
Erode District
3. Headmaster
Panchayat Union Middle School Pazhaiyakottai Puthur, Kangeyam, Tiruppur District

4. M. Meenatchi
தலைவர் / செயல் அலுவலர்
Pazhayakottai puthur, Kangeyam, Tiruppur District

5. Students
Panchayat Union Middle School
Pazhayakottai Puthur, Kangeyam, Tiruppur District

6. Teachers
Panchayat Union Middle School
Pazhaiyakottai puthur, Kangeyam, Tiruppur District

7. Headmaster
Government High School Vellode, Erode District
8. Headmaster
Corporation Middle School Cauvery Street, Erode District

9. Mrs .K. Gomathi
Panchayat Union Primary School, Veerapan chatiram, Erode District

10 . Headmaster
Government High School Nanchappam goundan valasu, Erode District

11 .S. Thamizhselvan
President , Poondhuraisemoor, Erode District

12 .Headmaster
Panchayat Union Middle School, Poondhuraisemoor, Modakurichi, Erode District

13 .C. Thangavel
President, Ekkattampalayam,
Erode district

14. R. Sivagami
Panchayat Union Middle School Ekkatamplayam, Erode Distict

15. N. Velliyangiri
Headmaster, Panchayat Union Middle School
Ekkatamplayam, Erode District


1. High Performing Human Asset by Forbes India – 2020.

2. Best International School Awards by TIMES Group – 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021.

3. Edupreneur of the year 2020 by the Centre for Educational Growth and Research, New

4. Visionary Leader of the Year 2021 by the Centre for Educational Growth and Research, New Delhi.

5. Indian Achiever’s Award of the year 2021 by the Indian Achievers Forum.

6. Lakshman Rao Kirloskar Award For “Best Foundry” of the year 2006 from Indian Institute
of Foundry men on 2nd February 2007 at 55th Indian Foundry congress, NewDelhi.

7. Most Influential Young Leaders 2020-21 by Asia One (Pride of Asia Chosen consumers & Industry)Research by United Research Services Asia Africa Business & Social Forum 2021

8. Service Excellence in Rural Education Improvement–  Aatral Foundation by  Times Education Icons 2021-22 Chennai

9. Best Service Award for Rural Education Development Aatral Foundation by Pinnacle Awards 2021 – Vikatan , Chennai