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Who we are

Aatral Foundation is a non-profit organisation founded by Mr. Aatral Ashok Kumar, who firmly believes that everyone has a stake in the development of our society and its members, especially basic education which shapes the next generation and creates leaders among us.
In this quest we are working extensively to improve the following areas on rural education,

1. Food and Nutrition
2. Basic Infrastructure
3. Basic Hygiene
4. Career Guidance and Counselling

So far, collectively our team has outreached to hundreds of schools covering a combined distance of over 1,00,000 km across five districts in the last year and still ever increasing. We have been extensively involved in over 200 projects currently in several stages of work with over 15000 students have been directly benefited in the way of better mid-day meal facilities, classrooms with better ambience, functional toilets and other similar amenities.

Our Goals & Actions

We work closely with a network of a large number of corporates for their CSR programmes and the Government to connect, partner, and multiply their contributions to develop the area.
We have a skilled and dedicated team that work to address the needs and hardships of the people of the society.